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2007- 2018 Alchemy Conferences offers information on alchemy lectures, workshops, and conferences and is owned by the Alchemy Guild.


ALCHEMY LAB is Dennis William Hauck's award-winning website devoted to traditional alchemy and personal transformation. 

ALCHEMERGY PODCASTS offers a variety of audio and video podcasts about modern and traditional alchemy.

CRUCIBLE CATALOG is an online catalog of alchemical supplies, books, labware, herbs, etc. Many of the tinctures, oils, and other products sold are supplied by members of the Guild. 


ORMUS Alchemy is the cyber-home of member Christine Emmon's new book Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy Primer of Ormus Collection Processes Reference Edition.


SPAGYRICUS is Robert Bartlett's website on practical alchemy, tinctures, etc.




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